Dynamic Meditation (This type of practice can be considered as Dharna)

Dynamic meditation techniques are for beginners (restless in nature) and the purpose is to start with meditation practice and establish an awareness towards the nature of further practice which needs more stability, time and commitment.

In this type of meditation, we try to use all the different types of meditative poses to understand them and to become aware how our body is able to adopt them during the practice. Like, Sthithprarthanaasana (Prayer Pose), Sukhasana, Padmasana, Vajrasana, Siddhasana and more. Sidddhasana is considered the King of meditative postures and supports the highest level of practices. The name Siddha means the one who has achieved the powers (Siddhi).

Method of practice – Technique 1

In this practice we switch from one meditative pose to the other, we can start this practice by maintaining each pose for 5 minutes as beginners and slowly progress towards increasing time on each pose as we practice consistently for a month.

Note: If you cannot maintain each pose for 5 minutes and find this process difficult then you may start the same process with 1 minute each pose and as you feel comfortable after few consistent practices increase to 2 minutes each pose, 3 minutes each pose and so on.

If possible, we should maintain the eyes closed throughout the practice

  1. Stand in Sthithprarthanasana, normal breathing with eyes closed for 5 minutes. (If unable to maintain pose, can rest back on the wall)
  2. Continue with eyes closed and sit down in Sukhasana, Normal breathing (5 Minutes)
  3. Switch to Vajrasana, Normal breathing (5 Minutes)
  4. Padmasana, Normal breathing (5 MInnutes)
  5. Bhadrasana, Normal Breathing (5 Minutes)


  • Exercises our confidence and will power
  • Prepares us for higher practices
  • Motivates to practice more meditation
  • Peace and calm are experienced
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and brings more clarity

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