This type of meditation, as the name suggests that it is a Guided process by Yoga expert. We follow such techniques to create a show reel that otherwise is out of our imagination as we are so caught up with our daily routine life that we forget there is more to life.

This guided process can help us with positive support towards our mind and body balance, to be an integrated personality and spiritual upliftment.

Yoga experts can guide us to balance our emotions and to have more clarity in our life which support the higher level of awareness. This meditation if practiced regularly helps us further to have higher level of Inference which supports our further yoga practices towards Samadhi.

We should continue to practice until we learn to practice such guided meditation with our own guidance towards the higher Yogic practices.

Preparation for such practice

  • Sit in any meditative pose, eyes closed
  • Imagine – Sun, Moon, Trees, Sea, Waves, Lotus Flower, Smiles, own face etc…
  • Please listen to this guided meditation technique mentioned (method below)
Guided Meditation

Method of Practice

  • Sit in any meditative pose
  • Eyes closed
  • Listen and follow the guidance with your imagination
  • Maintain your attention completely with the audio
  • When practice audio stops, take your time and open eyes gently

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