Energising Morning Yoga

A great way to kickstart your day. Wake up, warm up, remove stiffness from your body and feel more alert and energised throughout the day.

Monday- Friday 7am GMT (8am CEST)


Energising Group Class

Health Packages

Life-changing programmes, combining the very best of yoga, nutrition and mindfulness. Two options: Healthy & Happy or Slim & Happy.

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Yoga & Nutrition

Relaxing Evening Yoga

Wind down your day with a calming and restorative series of yoga asana and stretches. This gentle yet powerful session will relax and refresh you, aid restful sleep and keep you feeling your best the following day.

Monday-Friday 6pm GMT (7pm CEST)

Relaxing Group Class

Private Classes

Private classes are beneficial for anyone looking to deepen their practice, address a specific issue or simply to have a class at your own pace.

Private class

Kickstart your wellness with Anand Yoga Ashram