Healthy Habits21 days healthy living Private/Group

Days – Weekdays Monday – Friday

Duration – 45 minutes

Fees – Private £1099/ Group £449/-

Fees – Online Private £999/ Online Group £399/-

A healthy human life revolves around healthy routines. We all know about healthy routines but how many of us are able to adopt them in our day-to-day life. We sometimes manage to have them but, we struggle to maintain them. These 21 days healthy habits program helps us to keep our routines intact and also makes us aware towards progressive add on to our healthy routines.

We can learn to manage our healthy habits with yogic approach. As once in a while we all feel stuck or bound with sense of rigidity with our routines. Yoga helps us to gain clarity to learn when and how we can be flexible with our routines to maintain them without losing or breaking the healthy habits that we achieve by years of efforts.

Better Living – Yoga Way