Reset Routine – Private/Group

Days – 7 days health management camp

Duration: 45 minutes every day

Fees – Private £449/ Group £299

Fees – Online Private £399/ Online Group £249

A reset routine once every three months is a great way to manage our system. As we live in a society where we are surrounded by so many types of emissions not good for environment as well as our health.

In 7 days, health camp we focus on routines that will help us to remove toxins accumulated over months/ years. Once we start 7-day health routine we can continue to benefit from it in our daily busy life by just following certain routines we practice and learn during our 7 days camp.

We are here to take care of your healthy choices. Manage your health on priority. As we all know to enjoy the best in life, we need health at its best.

photograph of women doing yoga together
Reset your health – 7 days