Vayu Mudra

Note: Vayu Mudra should not be performed for more than 45 minutes. It can be done thrice a day for 15 minutes. When Vayu gets balanced or one is relieved from pain, it should be stopped.

Vayu Mudra


Bend index finger from the second joint, keep it at the root of the thumb, press it slightly with the thumb. Keep other three fingers straight. This posture is called Vayu Mudra or Pavan Mudra. When performed by sitting in Vajrasana it gives immediate and special benefit.


  1. Vayu element is decreased.
  2. One gets relief in various 80 types of disease caused by Vayu.
  3. It is beneficial in the Vayu related disease like Arthritis, Cervical Spondylitis, Parkinson, Cystica, Paralysis, Polio, Waist pain and Knee pain.
  4. If it is performed in Vajrasana after taking meal, gas and problem of indigestion.
  5. If one suffers from neck pain caused by Vayu, it should be performed with both the palm. In case of pain on left side, it must be performed with the right hand and vice versa.

  6. It keeps breathing system well active and blood circulates well.
  7. Body as a whole remains balanced and healthy.
  8. Wavering of mind is decreased, one progresses spiritually.

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