Mindful Golf by our Yoga Guru, Deepak Pandey.  Yoga, meditation and mindfulness techniques can be used to sharpen your game, improve your response to stress (on and off the course) and help you gain the psychological edge in tournaments.

How Yoga Can Benefit Golfers

  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Learn to stay calm under pressure
  • Instantly recover from bad shots
  • Be less easily distracted by external factors
  • Improve strength, balance and flexibility
  • Prevent injuries and wear and tear
  • Manage existing injuries
  • Rediscover the joy and fun of the game

Mindfulness and other techniques from Yoga are being used more and more amongst elite athletes and sports-people. Phil Mickelson recently became the oldest golfer ever to win the PGA Championships and attributed his success to meditation. You can read more about this here: https://golf.com/instruction/fitness/phil-mickelson-meditation-focus/. Tiger Woods was raised Buddhist and also regularly meditates.

Explore your potential as a golfer with the help of yoga practices.

As the great American golf instructor once said “Golf is 90% mental. The other 10% is mental”