Relaxation techniques: – Relaxation is a beautiful process that helps us to recover from the wear and tear that happens in our day-to-day actions. Daily routines, work, travels, Managing home and more. Juggling from one action to the other without the concept of relaxation in our daily routine we reach to a physical and mental breakdown; vicious circle of such nature is not good for our health.

Yoga conscious relaxation techniques are specifically designed to support our health. Depending on our daily tasks we should accordingly use such techniques to maintain physical and mental health.

Many of us have misconception towards relaxation. Like, sleeping 8 hours will help us to recover from everything, whereas thinking that already stresses us with another task of sleeping 8 hours. Yoga offers us different approach which is a good conscious relaxation at regular intervals when needed helps us more than relaxing after complete burnout.


  • According to yogic perspective we should practice relaxation techniques in the middle of the day to carry on with our work with more energy and efficiency.
  • Duration: 20 minutes – 45 minutes. (Can be practiced more than once if needed)
  • We can decide our own relaxation time according to our need as we live in a society which is a lot interdependent on so many factors. We can decide what suits our needs.

Method of practice

To do this conscious relaxation process you need your yoga mat placed vertically in contact to the wall which we will use for a particular asana in between of the complete process.

This process is for 45 minutes and includes 6 different postures.

  1. Vajrasana – 5 Minutes (If you cannot sit in Vajrasana you can use Sukhasana)
  2. Nishpandbhava – 5 minutes (with support of the wall)
  3. Dhradasana left side for 5 minutes
  4. Shavasana 20 minutes
  5. Dhradasana right side 5 minutes
  6. Sukhasana 5 minutes (with or without support of the wall

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