Method of practice – Technique 2

100 Breath Meditation (8-10 minutes)

This meditation and mudra (hand gesture) combination is beneficial for both physical and mental health. Benefits include focusing the mind, improving energy flow, promoting good sleep, reducing stress and restoring a sense of balance. It also helps us to feel more present, allowing us to enjoy our day to the full, with composure and without distraction. 

Dhyana Mudra
Shiv Mudra
Pranam Mudra


  1. Sit crossed legged with hands resting on your thighs, elbows bent, arms relaxed. Relax and take a few deep breaths in and out
  2. Position your hands in Dhyan mudra (picture 1). The tip of your thumb should be touching the tip of your index finger and the other three fingers are stretched out, palms facing upwards.
  3. Count 30 breaths in this posture (Inhale and exhale as 1 count)
  4. Keep both hands in Dhyan mudra, but move your right hand in front of your chest, with the three finger tips facing outwards, the left remains resting on your left thigh. Count 30 more breaths here
  5. Change hands and repeat with the left hand in front of your chest for 30 further breaths
  6. Then place both hands in front of your chest, shiv mudra, with your two index fingers pointing upwards, thumbs crossed over each other and the other three fingers folded (picture 2). Count 5 breaths here.
  7. Finally, put both hands together in prayer position in front of your chest and count 5 last breaths.
  8. Keep your eyes closed for a few more breaths, enjoy the sense of tranquillity and then gently open.

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