Yogic Hand Gestures (Mudras)

Mudras are hand gestures also known as Hasta Mudra. In India Hrishi and Munis (Saint and Sages) have done great contribution in sharing amazing ancient philosophies Yoga, Samkhya, Veda & Upanishads and more, that helps humanity till date and supports the human wholistic health.

Humans can stay healthy physically and mentally by practicing various yogic techniques and progress spiritually. Asanas, pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Meditation and reading yogic scriptures. Mudra practices are a scientific way to attain and maintain physical health and mental peace throughout one’s life time.

There are many mudras and can be used according to one’s needs. We use mudras while praying to God and Goddesses, rituals, Mantra and Tantra practices, Music, Dance and Yoga practices.  Mudras can be used as preventive as well as to get rid of various diseases or ailments and attain physical and mental strength. A common man can live a healthy lifestyle keeping away the diseases by using mudras properly.


  • While performing Hast Mudra those fingers which are not used to form Mudra must be kept straight.
  • When the tip of the finger is touched to the tip of the thumb, it increases the relative element of the finger. If the tip of the finger is touched at the root of the thumb and pressed slightly by the thumb, the relative element of the finger decreases.
  • Mudra is performed by using both the palm. It should be learnt from a Guru or experienced teacher to get maximum benefit.

Dhyana Mudra


Sit in any meditative pose Sukhasana, Padmasana, Siddhasana, Swastikasana or Vairasana Keep each palm on the respective knee. Thumb is touched at the tip of the first finger, slightly pressed. Other three fingers are kept together and straight.

Dhyana Mudra


  1. Vayu element increases.
  2. Hormones from pituitary and pineal glands flow in a balanced way.
  3. One gets relief in any neurological disorders like hysteria, madness, irritability, wavering mind, nervousness, uncertainty, delirium, restlessness, anxiety.
  4. Reduces stress like anger, over excitement, fear, depression, anxiety.
  5. It is very effective for insomnia. (The patient suffering from insomnia for a long time must perform Dhyan Mudra and Prana Mudra.) One who takes more sleep will be get support for balanced sleep.
  6. Mind gets quiet and knowledge increases.
  7. Dhyan Mudra is also called ‘Vyakhyan’ or
’Saraswati’ Mudra, as it increases knowledge of holy books and about truth.
  8. Children grow intellectual and bright. Mentally retarded children will attain physical and mental development.
  9. Concentration, memory, meticulousness and happiness increase.
  10. One gets spiritually progressed.

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