Better intellectual health Vichar (Thought patterns)

Disciplining our thoughts

The great English Poet, John Milton, said that the mind in its own place can make heaven of hell or hell of a heaven.

A funny story, is of a man who goes into the jungle, stands under a tree and wishes for some water to drink. Suddenly water is available. Then he thinks that this must be the mythological wish fulfilling tree. He tests the tree, and asks for some good food to eat. Immediately some food appears. Now he is very certain that he is under that great wish fulfilling tree. But then suddenly a new idea gets into his mind, “supposing a tiger was to come here?” immediately tiger appears. Then seeing the tiger he loses control of himself and fears, “supposing the tiger wants to eat me up?” And the tiger eats him up.

This is the capacity of our mind and of our thoughts.

If we can learn to handle our thoughts we can reach great heights.

Developing a spectator attitude

During our interaction with the world it is better we function like spectators in a play. We just watch and observe. We do not lose our balance and join the actor on the stage to help him.

In this approach , we can see a way out of difficulties and probably resolve them.

Some quite thinking and contemplation can help us to develop this approach. Sit in Vajrasana Quieten oneself. Recall the previous day’s events in sequence and with detachment.

This over-view of things distances them and puts them into a fresh perspective.

We thus learn to create a distance between ourselves and events.

We can maintain a dairy. Daily write 10 good things we do /experience.

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